O.U.R. Center led by Jeff Malloy along with his team, share the vision that everyone has the right to: Opportunity, Understanding and Respect. 



John Mattys

Senior counsellor who has just completed his doctorate in community psychology and will be graduating on March 15th, John is presently seeking to gain status as a psychologist in supervised practice working with Dr. Vuyo Mpumlwana who will be supervising him if John’s application is successful.

John is a  clinician who is certified to do CBT and trained in many therapeutic modalities including solution focussed interviewing and collaborative problem solving will provide weekly counselling sessions to all residents.  This support will be provided using groups and individual formats.. Every client will also be assigned a portfolio of required assessments determined on an individual needs basis-this will always include an updated psycho-educational assessment and may include vocational, neurological, mental health, personality, forensic or other modules when required to develop an effective treatment plan.  Our psychologist will be on call through phone or computer to consult with staff, parents or clients on a daily basis-we are working to provide frequent opportunities for clients to participate in text based counselling and therapeutic activities – a rapidly developing source of support for emotional, social and behavioural issues.

​Jeff Malloy
Executive Director


Gord Bremner
Director of Foster Care

Lynn Clancy
Director of Adult Programming

Jim Catton  MBA

Colleen Walker
Manager/Attachment Therapist-Barrie

Duncan W McDonald
Manager/Orillia Muskoka

Lisa Taylor
Manager/ Niagara Region

Anne Clark
Manager/Hamilton Area